Student testimonials

KINSEY RAINER LEE, Indonesia                                                               AEIS 2016, BEDOK GREEN PRIMARY School, PRIMARY 5 (2017) 


"Zhicheng Private School has guided me into entering a government school. Not only is the education great; I have also learnt social skills at Zhicheng. Furthermore, there are many foreign students at Zhicheng, especially from China, and they taught me to speak Chinese. The teachers in Zhicheng motivated me to work hard, and as a result my English and Mathematics improved dramatically."

 VIRIYANANDA SUSILO tjiong, Indonesia                                            AEIS 2016, yuying secondary School, secondary 2 (2017)


"To tell the truth, during my 6 months in Zhicheng Private School, my English has improved tremendously. Furthermore, I gained new friends who have supported me along the way. Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend this school to my peers in Indonesia.  In this school, I have been fortunate to meet brilliant teachers and friends who have helped me to boost my English and Maths to a new level."

dittakorn paphakornwijit, thailand                                                     AEIS 2016, yio chu kang Secordary School, secondary 2 (2017)


"When I first took the Diagnostic Test (DT) in Zhicheng, I scored only 103 marks, which was very low. I was placed in the Foundation class to learn English from scratch. After two weeks, I was promoted to a better class as my English had improved.   I set myself a goal: to pass the AEIS exam in September.  In the end, I did it – I passed the AEIS!"


sinkijcharoenchai chanikarn, thailand                                              AEIS 2016, yuying Secondary School, secondary 2 (2017)


"I came to Singapore about a year ago, aiming to pass the AEIS to get into a Singapore government school. I was advised to come to Zhicheng by my sister, who had studied here before.  Since I joined Zhicheng, my English, as well as my Mathematics, has improved by leaps and bounds."  

udomvisetying natchalai, thailand                                                       AEIS 2016, manjusri SECORDARY SCHOOL, secondary 1(2017)


"I'm from Thailand and I love studying at Zhicheng Private School because it's so much fun! We do lots of speaking in class and I now have many friends from China and Indonesia. Zhicheng is a great place for students. All the teachers and staff are friendly. They are always there when I need help. Thank you Zhicheng!"    

 xie xiaozheng, China                                                                            aeis 2016, tanjong katong secondary school, secondary 2 (2017)


"When I first came to Zhicheng Private School in Singapore, it did not seem possible for me to pass the AEIS because I only had two months to prepare. Fortunately, I was in Room 3, and I had a lot of amiable classmates who helped me with my studies. All my teachers were patient and encouraged me to do my best. I never lost hope, and improved steadily in my English. Eventually, I passed the AEIS. I really appreciate all of the people who have helped me, as without them I could not have achieved my goal."

 guan ziyun, china                                                                                  AEIS 2016, st. hilda's secondary School, secondary 2 (2017)


"After two years studying in Zhicheng, I have succeeded in entering a government school. This experience will never fade from my memory. At first, I was quite indifferent to my studies, but there was a sudden change in my academic journey when I managed to enter Mr Gasper’s class. His witty remarks created a convivial atmosphere in the class, and I began to work hard. Consequently, my English improved tremendously, and finally, I brought my dream to fruition. I passed my AEIS. I want to thank my teachers!"

REN YUNHUI, CHINA                                                                                       S-AEIS 2016, TANJONG KATONG Secondary School, SECondary 2 (2016)


"In Mandarin, “Zhi” means “aspiration”, and “Cheng” means “accomplish”. Zhicheng Private School is the school for students who wish to pursue their dreams and achieve their aspirations. The seeds of my desire, sown in January, blossomed at Zhicheng, and I tasted the fruit of success by the end of April.  I am grateful to Zhicheng, which provided me the ideal environment for studying." 

 zhong Juan, CHINA                                                                                    O-LeVEL 2016, SERANGOON GARDEN JUNIOR COLLEGE (2017)        Passed with 5 distinctions and 2 credits


"It seems like only yesterday that I first came to Zhicheng Private School. At Zhicheng, I gained so much - a better command of English, good friends who went through the tough process of studying for the O-Level exams with me, and dedicated teachers who patiently helped me in my studies. I am really grateful for all the effort that my teachers put in, all the things Zhicheng did for us, and last but not least, all my classmates in Zhicheng. I do not believe I would have achieved such grades otherwise!" 

Zhong Juan_O Level_Eng.jpg

zhang wanlin, CHINA                                                                                 O-LEVEL 2016, SERANGOON GARDEN JUNIOR COLLEGE (2017)       Passed with 3 distinctions and 4 credits


"I believe many of us first came to Singapore with the assumption that the Mathematics and Science subjects were much easier than those in our home countries, and so we would automatically do well. I admit that I was rather arrogant, but after I failed my English Language paper, I changed my attitude. I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me positive values, and who have helped me to learn. I am grateful that some of the teachers were willing to provide me with extra learning materials to quench my thirst for knowledge, especially the English teachers who were of infinite help. I owe my achievement to the teachers in our school, who spare no effort in the transmission of knowledge. To repay their blood and sweat, I will always do my best in examinations and other challenges."        

Zhang Wanlin_O Level_Eng.jpg

  Li xiyuan, CHINA                                                                                         O-LEVEL 2016, Passed with 2 distinctions and 5 credits


"As a Chinese student, I felt uneasy and lost when I first came to Zhicheng Private School. Indeed, the unfamiliar environment, language, and difficulty of the O-Level exams challenged me greatly. It was even harder being required to take seven subjects and prepare for the exams, which were all in English, in one year. To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed at first. However, with support and guidance from my teachers, I have improved immensely.  My O-Level results were a happy ending to this year at school. Just as the saying goes, "All effort will be repaid." I am truly grateful to my teachers and classmates who gave me help and advice. They taught me to be confident, to reflect on my actions and thoughts, and never give up. Now, I will look forward and plan the next steps in my journey of life. Thank you, Zhicheng!"